Art of the Genre


Come join the adventure with this comprehensive 134 page hardcover!  Compiling the full Roslof Keep Campaign adventure series from Folios 1-6, as well as supplemental mini-adventures 1.5 thru 6.5 and the Nameless Realms Races supplement, this is a true mega-adventure.  Written in both 1E AD&D and 5E D&D mechanics, the hardcover has been designed to mimic the essence of the classic 1980s 'Orange Spine' hardcover series by TSR and has an original cover by iconic artist Jeff Easley.  With both 2D & 3D maps, Iconic characters, character sheets, and more, this isn't something to miss out on, especially if you are a gaming collector. [AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE CAMPAIGN DM SCREEN!]