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If you like to have the original Folio modules, including their removable covers, this is the bundle for you.  Set includes Folio #14 thru Folio #19 in both AD&D and 5th Edition D&D gaming formats with full gazetteers and adventures in each module.  Also features 2D blue hex maps and 3D rendered dungeon maps for the campaign.

Folio #14: When a necromancer steals a maiden of ancient bloodline, the Wizards of the Order of Towers must find a way to get her back.  Hiring a merchant lord of Taux to fund a rescue mission the hope is to return her before the dark Wizard can use her to find the legendary White Ship and the key to magic beyond this world.  Now the mission is in jeopardy as the adventurers have become stranded on the mysterious Isle of Jade.  Braving a dark corruption, nasty native Fern Goblins, and even ancient Amazons, the party will have to stop the corruption before it turns the islands inhabitants and giant reptiles mad.  This is a beginning adventure in 1E & 5E formats for characters levels 1-3.

Folio #15:Deep within the Kraken's Maw, a brutal maelstrom of ocean that devours ships, lies the mysterious Isle of Jade.  Long forgotten in the memory of men, the island has served as a bastion for an ancient sect of female Corsairs, but their power is waning, and the threat of the outside world is at their shores in the form of a necromancer from Roslof Keep.  Now a party has set out from Taux seeking the necromancer.  Their course will take them directly into a conflict of high magic, ancient warrior religions, marauding fern goblins, and primordial dinosaurs.  Will you take up the challenges presented by the Isle of Jade in an adventure for characters levels 1-4.

Folio #16: The journey continues on the high seas as the ship crosses the equatorial reach and heads into waters rarely visited by the children of the North.  While plying the trades far off the coast of the mysterious T'ung Empire, the characters encounter a derelict ship caught in a thick seaweed sargasso.  The ruins of the craft point to Molo and his deadly plot, and the chase continues to a new port of call, that of Distant Turtle City.  Can the city be freed of Molo's dark influence?  Do the brave adventurers have what it takes to challenge shade ninjas, ogre magi, bushido goblins, and even a rumored eye tyrant?  Only time and dice will tell!  WS3, Distant Turtle City, is an adventure module in 1E & 5E formats for characters levels 5-7. 

Folio #17: With the docks of Distant Turtle City behind them, the challenge of the city's castle still lies ahead.  Ancient dwarven samurai were the lords of that mighty estate, but now it has fallen to darkness.  What secrets and horrors might be found there are disheartening enough, but with a city of the shadow dead at their backs, the adventurers have little choice but to put an end to Molo's corruptions once and for all.  Come join the battle against legendary tortoise oni, stealthy giant mantises, corrupted beasts, undead half-dwarven guards, and even a rumored shadow dragon! WS4 Samurai's Fall is an adventure module in 1E & 5E formats for characters levels 6-9. 

Folio #18: The ship makes its way into the Corsair Mists, a region of the Halo Ocean said to devour ships and drive sailors mad.  Somewhere in the oppressive fog, the White Ship awaits, but before the adventurers can make it to their final destination, they must overcome the challenges of the mist.  The fell necromancer Molo of the Thirteen Wives is still out there, still seeking to find his key to immortality and power that could jeopardize the entire Nameless Realms, and only the fearless crew can stop him.  Join a sea elven ritual to hunt megalodon sharks, explore a long-cursed alchemist's tower made of blue crystal, and journey to the forge of Hyperion, Titan of Fire, himself.  WS5, the Shattered Tower, is an adventure module  for characters level 8-10. 

Folio #19: Within the near impenetrable inner circle of the Corsair Mists, the White Ship has been called to its once proud dock by the dark sorcery of Molo of the 13 Wives.  The final conflagration is at hand as the adventurers assail the towering boarding stair, fight their way through the ship's countless enemies, and finally enter the grand worship hall of two greater sea gods, all in an attempt to thwart Molo before he can bring on an end of days.  Test the limits of a high-level adventuring group's strength against undead cyclops guardians, mad storm giants, corrupted typhoon elementals, and both Molo and his wives in this epic conclusion to The White Ship Campaign!  WS6 Duel on the White Ship is an adventure module for characters levels 10-12.