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Art of the Genre offers subscriptions for all 6 issues of the 1E/5E campaigns in 2018 at a 10% discount (normally $35).  All subscribers receive 6 PDF copies of the Folio (#20-#26).  Make sure you don't miss any of the action by signing up for the fun. This package includes the following:

The Curse of Roslof Keep (Mega Dungeon Campaign): Return to the quest begun in The Roslof Keep Campaign as characters 10th level or above can take on a new incarnation of The Infernal Machine that has taken up residence beneath the mysterious and walled Casbah of Tiefon, the great eastern city of The New Kingdoms. Come join the 4th great Folio mega-adventure in the Nameless Realms.  Dungeon delve at higher levels and see how this new challenge tests the metal of your more experienced players.  Designed by Roslof Keep cartographer Mark Timm, and populated by the fiendish mind of Scott Taylor, this six part delve is right up the ally of DMs and players who like to explore, test, and loot their way through a great table-top dungeon.   Don't miss a single second of the adventure in 2018!


The complete white ship campaign is now live on Kickstarter! Join the adventure!

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