Art of the Genre


Get two great books for a limited time low price!

The Complete Cities of Sorcery: Come join the adventure with this comprehensive 126 page double trilogy!  Compiling the full extent of the Hidden Valoria trilogy and the Ghosts of Taux trilogy from Folios #8-#13, as well as supplemental mini-adventures for each Folio, and the Places of Valoria V1-2 supplement, this is an epic double city adventure.  Written in both 1E AD&D and 5E D&D mechanics, this huge text has been designed to mimic the essence of the classic 1980s 'Orange Spine' hardcovers by TSR and has an original cover by iconic artist Jeff Easley.  With both 2D & 3D maps, Iconic Characters handouts, campaign characters sheets, and more, this isn't something to miss out on if you are a true hard core gamer.

The Storyteller's Arcana: Over the course of decades, gaming knowledge has been passed down, refined, and shared within the confines of tabletop RPGs.  Dungeon Masters have spent countless hours creating new challenges for players, sometimes off the cuff, sometimes stolen from fantasy and science fiction media, but no matter the initial inspiration point, adventure abound.


Within these pages you will find all the secrets from the gaming tables of Art of the Genre, including takes on fantastic versions of modern media trope NPCs, new spells, boss monster one shot encounters, as well as the rules I live by for running a campaign with depth beyond experience points. 

Gaming formats inside the Storyteller's Arcana are for both classic AD&D as well as 5th Edition D&D.