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You all should know by now that after art directing for Gygax Magazine, which was the doppleganger of Dragon Magazine, I decided to develop The Folio as a similar product to Dungeon Magazine.  Thus, I obviously have a love for how they did their covers, which I try to replicate with my current product.  I hope you'll enjoy some of my favorites from this great adventure-based periodical.

I can't get enough of chess, or Drelzna!

Space Dragon, YES!!!!

Daniel Horne doing classic 70s style, love it!

Displacer Beast, my favorite D&D creature!

Brom babe, what could be better if you like pale skin?

Tony DiTerlizzi Planescape for the win!

How about a little tech in your game?

This always felt high fantasy to me, which is a plus.

Jim Holloway cover, of course!

Jeff Easley Dungeon cover, check!

How about a dragon razing a castle to get your juices flowing!

Do you see the running theme for D&D NPCs the I love?

How can you not love the classic Keith Parkinson dragon?

I hope you have enjoyed these covers, and remember AotG needs your support with our current Folio adventure Kickstarter.  Please help our cause for here!

Written by Scott Taylor — March 15, 2016



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