Role Aids module 726: Lich Lords

Today I’m going to take a look at a module that has played a fairly significant role in my gaming world of the Nameless Realms over the past twenty-five years. Produced in 1985 by Mayfair Games, the Role Aids module Lich Lords is a 32 page adventure written by Lynn Sellers.

Intended for 6-8 characters from level’s 12 to 16, it can be easily adapted to both higher and lower versions depending on the scope of the campaign which you intend to build around it. The module also features my favorite non-standard TSR spell, Scourge of the Violet Spider, which if you don’t have in your 1E AD&D world, you should!

Artistically, the module packs a huge punch with its Frank Frazetta cover, while falling flat on the interior. There are only half a dozen interior black and while illustrations, all second rate, done by artists Keith Berdak and David B. Bromley.

There is also a very nice card stock removable map done by James Clouse & Jerry O’Malley that makes up for the lacking interior artwork, but on the whole the interior isn’t up to snuff for the purposes of a 1985 stock adventure.

In all, the module is exactly what it is billed as, a role aid, and of all the works by this now defunct brand I think it is the best proof that not all classic additions to the D&D game had to come out of TSR.

Artist Rating: 3 [out of 5]

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