Featured Artist: Holloway and the aftermath

Gamma World Jim Holloway TSR

Today I'd like to take a look at a single piece of artwork that was done by artist Jim Holloway for TSR's Gamma World 2nd Edition in roughly 1983.  Now Holloway only spent two years at TSR, and to his recollection those weren't 'great times' considering how the company was changing from 1982 to 1984.  It was transitional, with Gary in L.A. and the company beginning to sag under its own weight of production, mismanagement, and the cooling of the fad that D&D had become circa 1979.  Still, in that period, under the art direction of Jim Roslof, the art department was hitting on all cylinders.  Holloway's work on this particular cover for Famine in Far-Go was sublime.  His use of a stop sign shield, his perfect 'muse woman' seen time and time again in this period, and the threat through the door all work to instil such a great and fun image for the post-apocalypse.  I'm sorry that this one doesn't get the print it deserves, but nonetheless, it is a favorite of mine.

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  • Angelika Louis on

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  • Daniel Robichaud on

    I also enjoy how this cover’s perspective would be revisited in the cover to Paranoia Second Edition, with the lone troubleshooter walking down a hallway and right into the waiting arms of trouble.

    I love Jim’s style!

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