The eyes have it, a look at a few fun Erol Otus illustrations

Erol Otus TSR

Erol Otus and I have a complex relationship, which is to say we don't have a relationship at all, but that's okay.  I nonetheless have a good time looking at his work whenever the mood strikes, as it did this morning.  There is nothing more fun than having a good dose of Otus with your morning workload to help push you through to the creative process of the afternoon.  So, today I found myself enjoying some of his work and getting inspired for yet another day of gaming creation here at AotG.  Ah, if all art could be this nostalgic, I would probably get next to nothing done!

Enjoy, and remember that we are in our final week of The Folio #3 campaign so please click on the banner to the right and help support old school inspired art and games!


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  • Chet on

    Love Erol Otus!

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