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Pulp, Sexy, Prophetic, and Bold, are all words to describe the painting genius of TSR legend Jeff Easley.  Here, collected for your pleasure, are ten of the finest pieces from his years working on Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeon Master's Guide, Recover.  If there has ever been a Dungeon Master, rendered in oil, this is him...

Dragonlance helped define a generation, as did a dozen of Jeff's most stunning imagery.

Although never considered a Caldwell or Elmore where ladies were concerned, Jeff could nonetheless paint a inspirational female figure, this one from the cover of Tome of Magic.

The cover to Unearthed Arcana, my favorite AD&D supplement ever.

The portrayal of movement and action were never paramount in Jeff's work, but this Dragonlance classic shows he had the ability to do so, if not always the inclination.

Odin, check!  Been there, done that.

A surprising number of nautical scenes play out in Jeff's work, and fans are the better for them.

Jeff did two of the finest Raistlin images over, and this is probably my favorite.

Sorry, but how could I resist these lovely ladies?!

The one that started it all, Monster Manual II

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  • Landon Dion on

    Hi artofthegenre.com Owner, same listed here: Link Text

  • Scott on

    Josh: Jeff is great that way, and I too have geeked out more than once around him! And yes, Tramp’s PHB is iconic beyond words.

  • Josh on

    I brought my well-used copy of Unearthed Arcana to GaryCon just to ask Jeff Easley if he’d sign it. Not only did he sign it, he also sketched a dragon head! Did I geek out? Yes, yes I did.

    Loved Easley’s covers for the AD&D 1E line. The only one where I’d choose the original over Easley’s new one is the PHB.

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