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Dwarves, we've all played them at one time or another, so I thought I'd share a few that I thought were inspiring.

The hefty older dwarf with the small white stash... he has a story to tell

Yeah, he's going to kick someone's ass really soon...

Wayne Reynolds always does a nice dwarf, and I mine did typically use a crossbow

Is there anything better than a b/w Holloway dwarven god illustration?

Well, maybe a Laubenstein Earthdawn smith next to an Elmore basic one?

Anyone ever play a female dwarf?  Well, other than in the Slave Lords series?

How about an anime looking dwarf, kind of like something you'd see in Record of the Lodoss Wars

I always loved playing red-bearded dwarves as berserkers!

How about a bit of artist Sam Wood love?  He deserves it for 3rd Edition.


And how could this be complete without Bo Runebeard, the dwarf from The Roslof Keep Campaign and the new The Curse of Roslof Keep campaign available in The Folio (1E & 5E)?!

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  • Brian on

    Allow me to suggest another dwarf to add to your list:


  • Dave Aucoin on

    I enjoy playing dwarves, whether in D&D roleplaying or in WoW or Neverwinter Online. They are strong and robust characters to play, with a lot of options to use for combat or specllcasting. And the weapons they use are pretty badass. With their poison resistance and magic resistance, high constitution, they are one of the best races to play. you will never see me playing an elf anytime soon.

  • John on

    Sorry, but Jim’s dwarves trump all! ;)

    His dwarven battle scenes clearly show that!!

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