Magic Item Compendium: The WotC reissue is more impressive than ever

3.5 Wizards of the Coast

I am often amazed at how far the realms of gaming have come, especially when I open my original basic D&D red box and see the equipment lists.  There, you can have a sword… not a longsword, falchion, kopesh, scimitar, rapier, etc, but a sword.  Yeah, when I played, that was how we did things J

Still, as anything evolves, especially an RPG, the more fluff and development, the more ‘cool’ stuff is going to get created.  This even takes place as editions of the game get built, and what better place to find everything you and your players could ever need than in Wizards of the Coast’s new 3.5 reissue [yes, you heard that right, WotC has NOT abandoned the 3.5 D&D edition] Magic Item Compendium.

Initially released in 2007, this massive tome of magic items is now brought to all those 3.5 players who missed it with a stunning embossed and gold leaf cover that absolutely tickles your fingers as you run your hand over it.

Inside, you’ll find everything, and I do mean everything, a player or DM could want when it comes to magical items.  Consisting of 285 pages of goodies, the Magic Item Compendium is truly a piece of work, not only in the stats for creating magic items, but also in those created for you.  I’m also incredibly impressed with the amount of artwork that went into the books creation because like many players out there, I want to see what my character found our might be about to purchase.

WotC does an impressive job of showing us nearly everything they take the time to put into this book, so visually you’ll have a full idea of what you place in your world.  If you missed this the first time, and want to add an integral piece to your collection that places all magic items in a single volume for easy reference, then this book is for you.

Gamer Rating: 3 [out of 5]   

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  • Roberto on

    I find it laughable that plepoe that have played LESS THAN HALF THE GAME can say yeah its overrated . Just because you have not seen the mindblowing epic bosses does not mean they are not there. By your own admission you only got to lvl 40. That means you have only done 50% of your main quest. And you are only high enough for the second dungeon, barely. The difficulty is absolutely NOT effortless. In fact there are some downright HARD fights. (Krait Blood Witch anyone? and that is only lvl 20) Remember games have to be played by plepoe of ALL skill levels. As a veteran gamer of 20+ years, yeah I can beat literally ANY game. Only humans can put up any challenge unless a game outright cheats. But my wife and daughter who are casual gamers yet fans of gaming can barely get through Little Big Planet. There is a lot of stuff in GW2 that they absolutely need my help with. From a casual perspective the game is challenging.The heart system is in NO WAY like Wow quest givers. Yes there are a few static plepoe that give the same quest over and over. There has to be or you could potentially not have any quests in an area. But if you hang around an area long enough dynamic events just spring to life all around you. I have never played an mmo before where you can be harmlessly mining ore one second and get charged by a rampaging warband of centaurs on their way to attack a nearby human settlement. btw Yeah I got annihilated by it. And it really made me think. This is more than just a simple mob respawning. This is a naturally occurring situation caused by the players taking and holding the centaur lands. My last point is GW2 is a game that you can play as a family/community. The cost of 1 guildwars games is $60 one time, play forever. The cost of any subscription game, $15 /month forever + game. in less than 4 months the game has payed for itself and you never have to think about it again. People can drop out or come back with NO PRESSURE and NO COMMITMENT. That is worth so much in a game like this it can’t be understated.Its funny how game developers can put everything into a game that plepoe have always wanted, and some still have the balls to say meh its overrated . My question is Do you actually like ANY games? PS: I don’t care if you don’t read this post as its not really for you.

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