A Return to Star Wars Galaxies Part Three

Star Wars Galaxies

Do you ever wonder how many people have done the quests in SWG?  I once played a Bounty Hunter in NGE and did the criminal series that took me from Tatooine to Naboo and finally Corellia where I think I got to be a pilot.  This was in 08’.  It took me probably a week to play through that series, but eventually the coolness cooled and I dropped out.

I once had to find and retrieve a razor cat cub for Brantlee Spondoon at the Coronet Capital, but as hot as she was, that was unfortunately the only pussy I got from her for my troubles…’ Jericho Knox

I was in Moenia the past couple of days trying to bring back memories of how the hell I did the Krayt Skull Quest.  I remembered it had something to do with the cantina, so I found Brovo the Hutt in the back and then ran the missions on buffs I’d picked up in Coronet.

Side Note: Has anyone noticed that some lucky bastard knocked up Cyara at the Coronet Cantina?  Love that girl, so if you see her tell her Jericho appreciates every buff she provides and I envy her man.

Anyway, once I did the Coronet missions for Brovo’s goon, I was stumped for a day until I found I had the Brovo’s Money Briefcase in my inventory.  After that, it wasn’t hard to land the Tusken Rifle reward, which if I remember correctly you lose when you get the Skull, but Brovo sent me away with it so I’ll give the quest a day or two to cool, then start again hoping to level up to the full Skull Quest.

Last time I did this was 03 and I had a little human girl named Kikyo there helping me out.  We didn’t have buffs yet, but we managed it.  That skull hung in my various houses for two years until I left the game in 05, so a part of me wants it back.  It’s not the most sought after item I lost along the way, that would be the sweet rebel Endor trooper helmet I got in some early Rebel missions I did once I moved from Rori to Talus.  Not sure if that is even still in the game, but I’ll look for it once I join the rebellion again, but all things in their own time.

Anyone else playing any good quests right now?  I’d love to hear the choice ones and their starting points.

Reading Note: If you enjoy the nostalgia of these blogs, you might enjoy my pseudo-take on my time in SWG with my Gunsmith series.  You can get a copy here.

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