Converting 2D hex dungeons to 3D dungeon art

I've always enjoyed the concept of dungeons.  Obviously the reality of such things doesn't make much sense, but to fantasy RPG players, underground complexes with fantastic decorations and monsters are commonplace.  Mithelvarn's Labyrinth below Roslof Keep was a labor of love for me, transforming maps that were created on hex paper into 3D works of art something that gave me infinite smiles.  I thought I'd share some of those dungeon levels today.  Let me know what you think.

Level 2 really got things going, and the mirrored room was something straight out of Conan the Destroyer.

In Level 3 I got to create an underground stadium, always practical, huh?

In Level 4 I needed two dungeons, because one just wasn't going to be good enough!

By Level 5 I needed to flood the whole damn thing just to make matters worse.  Of course, there are 4 distinct dungeon for Level 6, but I don't want to spoil the ending. 

All these maps were created for me by my incredible artist/designer Andrew Rodgers.  He really has a way with taking my 2D versions, checking my room descriptions, and then making things 'real'. 

If you like mega-dungeon quests, then you can check out the full 6 issues of The Folio (Roslof Keep Campaign 1-6)here for full removable covers with these maps on them, or get them all at a discount with the Complete Roslof Campaign hardcover (and send me a note on the website if you want a separate printable map book to go along with the hardcover!)

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