Tim Kask (heal quickly man!) once let me know with both barrels just how hard it was to get fantasy artists in the 1970s for the likes of Dragon Magazine, because basically there weren’t such an animal.  Contrast that with today, and you can’t walk your fingers an inch over a keyboard without tripping over one on social media.  Yet somewhere in between, right in the sweet spot of 1990, TSR had its choice of some of the finest young artists of a generation looking to make a name for themselves in fantasy.  Artists like Tony DiTerlizzi, Fred Fields, and Robh Ruppel come to mind, but above all of them the biggest ‘landing’ TSR got was Gerald Brom.

I’ve written about Brom on a couple of occasions, but today I wanted to focus not so much on his style, as on his TSR-era power.  So without further gilding of the lily, let’s have a look at some of his finer works for the RPG. 

Yes indeed, he knows how to bring the creativity to the spirit of a game!  And remember folks, Brom is on the cover of Folio #12, so please check out the Kickstarter for more great adventures in 1E & 5E!

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