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Daniel Horne Dragon Magazine

It goes without question that I am a huge fan of the work of Daniel Horne.  He's done some absolutely astounding fantasy work over the years, including masterpieces on covers for Dragon & Gygax Magazines as well as The Folio.  Many remember his works, but probably not everyone would pick this particular piece from Dragon #112.  It was one of the first Dragon Magazines I ever purchased myself, and I've still got it today. 

The dwarves are such great characters here, and Daniel has a way of capturing characters unlike the bulk of artists in the industry.  The terror, the bravery, the comic relief, is all there, but his incredible attention to detail in the setting was what always intrigued me about this particular piece.  You see, I'm a sucker for treasure, armor, and weapons, and Daniel delivers all in spades.  Plus, we get a really cool rock, and a wide open spaces shot that drips of Tolkien's Middle-Earth. 

I've played this scene out a thousand times in my minds-eye, and maybe some of you have too, but whatever the case, it is just another great Dragon cover that inspires me once again to pick up the dice and start rolling.

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  • Josh on

    I love Horne’s work on Dragon magazine, so many classic covers. Wish his stuff from back then was more readily available. #119 is probably my personal favorite, but everything he did over that era was outstanding.

    this one is excellent, the Dragon in the background is just distinct enough to make you feel the fear coming off the dwarves.

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