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Artist Spotlight: The Art of Janet Aulisio #1

Artist Spotlight FASA Janet Aulisio

Why do I love artist Janet Aulisio? There are really too many reasons to count, but it is safe to say her artwork has been a driving inspiration for me since I first saw it in 1990. Now granted, Janet’s work in the genre of fantasy and science fiction goes back well before that to novels and work on periodicals like Asimov’s, but to me it was her work on Shadowrun that captured my heart. Having had the opportunity to work with Janet over the years has always been a blessing, and she’s never disappointed in the way she takes...

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Artist Spotlight: The Art of Jeff Laubenstein #1

Artist Spotlight Jeff Laubenstein

In 1989 FASA’s Shadowrun was born, and with it, the genre of RP cyberpunk [it beat Gurps ‘Cyberpunk’ to the press by a year for all you haters]. This was a whole new world to explore and FASA turned to the up and coming talent of Jeff Laubenstein to bring it to market. Jeff was a genius of crafting with watercolor. His early works in the mid-1980s on the Battletech line of tabletop and RPG supplements helped enrich that war-torn universe of the inner sphere, but it wasn’t until we saw his concepts of a darker future that we truly...

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Artist Spotlight: The Art of Stephen Fabian #1

Artist Spotlight Stephen Fabian

Today marks the start of my ‘Featured Artist’ posts here on Art of the Genre.  This will be a continuing series, and as it is all about the art, there should be multiple posts for each artist. So who gets the honor of being my first artist?  Well, the venerable Stephen Fabian, that’s who.  Born in 1930, Stephen has been an incredible contributor to science fiction and fantasy for over the past sixty years.  He’s received the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 and has had several Hugo nominations throughout his illustrious career.  And yes, he’s also been an...

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