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Pathfinder Review: A Look at the Advanced Class Guide

Paizo Pathfinder Wayne Reynolds

Today I’m going to take a look at one of the newest and most interesting products coming out of the Paizo gaming foundry. Now I’ve played me a boatload of Pathfinder over the years, heck, I was one of the lucky few at GenCon that actually got to pull my Core copy off the pyramid and then rush over to artist’s alley to have Wayne Reynolds sign it, so I’m always on the lookout for what they will do next.The Advanced Class Guide takes a very interesting turn within the game, basically melding iconic core classes together to make...

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Pathfinder's Council of Thieves #1: The Bastards of Erebus

Adventure Path Paizo Pathfinder Steve Prescott

I subscribed to the Pathfinder Adventure Paths for several years, and although I've managed to play two full 'Paths' I ended up running out of time once I moved to California.  Still, I have an entire shelf of Adventure Paths in my study, and I do get a good deal of enjoyment out of seeing them, especially when I take them down to look at the art.   The Bastards of Erebus was written by Sean K Reynolds, and that means it has to be good, and was art directed by Sarah Robinson.  It comes in just a bit under...

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The art of Paizo's Adventure Path #31, Kingmaker, Stolen Land

Adventure Path Paizo Pathfinder

Today I’m going to have a look at Pathfinder Adventure Path #31: Kingmaker, Stolen Land by Tim Hitchcock.Now we all know Paizo puts out a quality product, and considering that their Adventure Paths helped launch their brand, they never spare any expense in bringing these outstanding supplements to their fans.This particular piece is the first part of the six part Kingmaker Path, and it takes a distinct divergence in artistic style from what you’d normally see coming out of the Paizo studio. I’m not really sure why this is, especially since Paizo seems so dedicated to making everything homogenous [I...

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People need to start giving Wayne Reynolds a break

D&D 3.0 Paizo Pathfinder Wayne Reynolds Wizards of the Coast

I don’t get it, I really don’t… Somewhere along the way RPG artist Wayne Reynolds became the whipping boy for everything that ever went wrong with RPG artwork, and frankly that is completely unfair and moronic.No matter the forum, any mention of Wayne Reynolds will inevitably bring up phrases like ‘Wayne Reynolds caused the failure of D&D’ or ‘I loathe Wayne Reynolds’ or ‘Wayne Reynolds makes me sick’, or my personal favorite ‘Wayne Reynolds is an absolute disgrace!’. I posted an article this week concerning the art for the D&D 3.0 Players Handbook, in which Wayne doesn’t even appear, and...

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Game Review: Pathfinder's NPC Codex

Paizo Pathfinder

Today Art of the Genre is going to take a look at Paizo’s Pathfinder NPC Codex. However, before I begin I’d like to put this book into context.I few years back my oldest friends and I decided to go back and play a bit of AD&D 1E since we’d spent a decade playing 3rd Edition and its heir apparent Pathfinder. Now, that isn’t to say we no longer enjoyed Pathfinder, but it just felt like nostalgic variety was in order so we split our time between the two.I well remember sitting down to our first adventure and rediscovering what an...

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