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Tharbad, City of Adventure... or at least it should be!

Angus McBride I.C.E. MERP Steve Peregrine

Anyone who reads my work, either here or over on Black Gate, knows of my infinite joy concerning the artwork of I.C.E.’s Middle-Earth Role-Playing game. Today, I’m going to take a look at perhaps my favorite Angus McBride contribution to setting, Thieves of Tharbad.Now first, I say to anyone interested in playing MERP, take a serious look at both Tharbad and Cardolan as a place to start a campaign. They are extremely old and extensive places to house any campaign while still giving you access to various ‘traditional’ Lord of the Rings settings. Located southeast of the Shire, south of...

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X6: Quagmire! A great wilderness romp for Expert, but the art doesn't sing

AD&D Modules Jeff Butler Steve Peregrine TSR

Good old Merle M. Rasmussen did manage a few very inspired modules in the 1980s, and X6: Quagmire! absolutely makes that list. This adventure, for characters 4-10, is a nice little romp through exotic climbs to a mythic ‘spiral city’.  Its purpose seems to be to expand on the D&D Expert set and show exactly how to run a true wilderness adventure.  To this end, it does a great job, and the mass of charts and encounters in the back will help any DM if they are looking to flesh out the travel aspect of a D&D campaign. The artwork,...

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MERP: The Goblin – Gate and Eagle’s Eyrie, a setting for full Tolkien goodness

MERP Steve Peregrine

Iron Crown Enterprises product #8070, The Goblin – Gate and Eagle’s Eyrie was one of those that I waited a great deal of time to lay my hands on.  You see, as I.C.E. rolled out the various supplements for Middle-Earth Role-Playing the players and GM’s alike got to pick up statistics for the various items and heroes from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  So, it was with bated breath that I finally got a copy of this little module way back in 1985 because it was the first place you could get stats on The One Ring.  You see, The...

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