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A look as FASA's Bottle Demon for Shadowrun 1st Edition

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On this fine Monday I’m going to take a look at FASA’s Shadowrun Adventure, Bottled Demon. Produced for Shadowrun 1st Edition in 1990, this module was written by James D. Long and art directed by Dana Knutson. I was always taken with the cover by artist John Zeleznik. To me, it looked much like the woman was the demon, but after many years with the image I would now determine her to be some kind of African-Indian shaman who has unleashed the power of a nefarious idol. The texturing of the image, and the nakedness covered only by the turn...

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The Drow of the Underdark: When TSR uses FASA artists

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The Drow… certainly an RPG race with infinite possibility and a wide swing of emotion from gamers. I myself liken my days of the Drow to the release of Unearthed Arcana when Drow first became player characters, and those gamers older than me go back to the D Series of modules where this race is concerned. For most, however, the Drow were defined in the Forgotten Realms with the release of R.A. Salvatore’s famed Drizzt series. Whatever the case, the race is here to stay and has made a lasting impact on D&D over the years.Today I’m going to take...

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