When Clyde Caldwell had a girl...

Clyde Caldwell

Now I know I've said before that Clyde always liked to use a wide variety of live models, and it is true, but if there is one thing about Clyde's work that is indisputable, it's that his models had something in common...

Jeff Easley once referred to Clyde as 'The Thighmaster', and I can't go against that moniker, but I will say Clyde is also a fan of breasts as much as he is thighs (so I always like calling him Colonel Sanders), even if TSR tried to reign him back over his years there. 

So, did Clyde actually have a 'girl'?  Well, you be the judge, but I'm thinking he did, it just was more about her midsection that anything else.  That is where his muse lay.

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