Art of the Genre

I make no bones about being an unabashed David Deitrick lover, both as a person and as an artist, so it really makes me angry that his art no-longer appears in science fiction publications.  Maybe we've moved past his style, as it seems when last years Battletech Kickstarter refused to allow him to provide artwork (along with Holloway, so thanks much Catalyst!) when the video game was set pre-clans, right in the wheelhouse of his work at FASA during the 80s.  Whatever the case, I've still managed to get David to do some work in Battletech over the years, so I guess I'll share it here, since it looks like it will find no other place to call home. 



Also, a couple of these are nice prints and can be found on the website, so if you want an OSR Deitrick on your wall, just put his name in the search bar.

Written by Scott Taylor — January 09, 2017

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