Art of the Genre


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Based in the AotG world of the Nameless Realms, this sandbox style OSR dungeon pits your group of players against the labyrinth of the mad fey Mithelvarn.  Become a member of one of the fabled Mithel Companies and lead your party against a living dungeon designed to thwart even the most hardy of adventures.  Along the way, players will encounter infamous monsters, dastardly traps, sunken levels, undead heroes, a mind-altering virus, and fantastic bosses that complicate their mission to defeat the 'Infernal Machine', a magical construct that runs the dungeon itself.  Taking beginning characters all the way into the low teens, this series of six modules was thoughtfully designed to mimic some of the greatest campaign adventures of the golden age of D&D.  Fully formatted in both 1E and 5E D&D mechanics.  DMs and players alike can enjoy either the full old school immersion or the newest concepts that this venerable title has to offer.  PLUS, you will receive all 7 Mini-Adventures associated with these modules in PDF to help fill out your epic campaign!

Package includes:

Folio #1 Beneath Roslof Keep

Folio #2 Tremors in the Machine

Folio #3 Curse of the Violet Corruption

Folio #4 Glade of the Burning Dead

Folio #5 Deep Dive into the Flooded Halls

Folio #6 Realms of Madness and Despair