Art of the Genre


The ship makes its way into the Corsair Mists, a region of the Halo Ocean said to devour ships and drive sailors mad.  Somewhere in the oppressive fog, the White Ship awaits, but before the adventurers can make it to their final destination, they must overcome the challenges of the mist.  The fell necromancer Molo of the Thirteen Wives is still out there, still seeking to find his key to immortality and power that could jeopardize the entire Nameless Realms, and only the fearless crew can stop him.  Join a sea elven ritual to hunt megalodon sharks, explore a long-cursed alchemist's tower made of blue crystal, and journey to the forge of Hyperion, Titan of Fire, himself.  WS5, the Shattered Tower, is an adventure module in 1E & 5E formats for characters level 8-10.  This is Part V of The White Ship Campaign.