Art of the Genre


The first level of the Kasbah Dungeon has been defeated, but the Company of the Ivory Scimitar must follow the stairs downward into an even darker second level of the cursed labyrinth.  With assassins waiting in the streets above, the party will be pressed to no only conquer the dreaded rooms of the second level, but they must also begin to unravel the mystery of this dungeon's appearance in Tiefon and what the purpose might be of a new type of chaotic-natured creature spawning within.  However, they can also look forward to a more forgiving nature of the dungeon as well, for waiting in the depths is a place of gentle respite.  There is no doubt that the champions of the House of Eld will be hard pressed against ice wyrms, earth titans, greater undead, and the champions of fire giants within this high level dungeon.  CRK2, The Coming Shadow, is a high level adventure for 1E & 5E formats and designed for 6 to 8 characters levels 11-13.