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Deep within the Endless Jungle, two days hard walk from the reclaimed Imperial Capital of Nextyaria, a dungeon ruin has been uncovered.  There, a six section maze called The Virgin Mine has beckoned to hardy adventurers for over a decade, its magical halls forever being searched.  However, only the very bravest of warriors enter the dungeon these days as a curse limits the magical capabilities of all mages and clerics, while even fighters are hard pressed with the dire restrictive magic of the labyrinth.  Those heavily armored companies remaining seek highly prized magical stones within, and they would tell all those wishing to follow in their footsteps to beware, and yet still new adventurers arrive weekly.  Most will be turned back, but there are those who find a way to mount an expedition even in the face of thievery by other companies, jungle bandits, and of course the various monsters lurking within the dark halls of the mine, as well as the surrounding wilds. 

Can a party of newly minted adventurers not only enter the Virgin Mine, but also find yet undiscovered secrets that may make them the greatest company to have ever delved within?  Only time will tell, as Part One of The Virgin Mine, The Rat Dungeon, awaits all who would dare enter. 

This adventure module is designed for both 1st Edition AD&D and 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons formats, for 5 to 7 characters, levels 1-3.