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AotG is the only place to purchase a new, shrink wrap, copy of The Folio #3: Roslof Keep Campaign.  Supplies are limited for this print edition, so get them while you can.

Content Includes: 2D 'Blue Map', 3D Dungeon Map + 3D Roslof Keep Setting Map, Removable 'Old School DM Screen' Cover, Dungeon Adventure Module, Roslof Keep Gazetteer and Campaign Setting, Monster Section, New Monster 'Jai-Ruk'.

Product has a full color cover, color booklet covers, and is 35 total pages, featuring artwork by gaming legend Todd Lockwood, with new contributions by Michael Wilson, Brian 'Glad' Thomas, Janet Aulisio, Jim Holloway, and Matthew Ray.  Also includes, 'Ramen Doodles' RPG fantasy humor cartoon by Jeff Laubenstein. (Digital PDF Edition)