Art of the Genre


If you like to have the original Folio modules, including their removable covers and are looking for a story-based adventure, this is the bundle for you.  Set includes Folio #11 thru Folio #13 in both AD&D and 5th Edition D&D gaming formats with full gazetteers and adventures in each module.  Also features 2D blue hex maps and 3D rendered dungeon maps for the campaign.  Also get a free PDF copy of both Tales of the Emerald Serpent and A Knight in the Silk Purse with every order!

Folio #11: Join the adventure in the free city of Taux!  Written as a narrative piece to help incorporate game play into the shared world anthology series Tales of the Emerald Serpent, this adventure for semi-experienced characters will put you on the run from the most powerful and notorious family in Taux.  Can the characters write their own story and join the legends of Black Gate with the help of iconic personas made famous in Tales of the Emerald Serpent and A Knight in the Silk Purse.  This adventure is in 1E & 5E mechanics and for characters level 5-7.

Folio #12: With the most powerful ruling house of Taux now an enemy, heroes of the Emerald Serpent must take shelter inside the revelry of the Festival of a Thousand Blossoms.  This massive carnival sweeps over the city in the spring of each year for seven full days, and with it as a shield to their activities, a secret mission into the heart of The Grand Playhouse awaits.  Can the heroes infiltrate the Thunderstone Crew?  Will iconic characters from the Taux fiction come to their aid?  What sinister plots still take form in the city by the insidious House Vash?  Become part of the Tales of the Emerald Serpent in this 2nd part of the Taux Trilogy.  This is an adventure module for characters levels 5-7.

Folio #13: The tournament of the bloody stones has come to Taux, and the streets are said to run red with the blood of the combatants.  Now, amid the crackdowns of the Sturgeons and the secret duels of the three great fencing schools, the heroes must once and for all solve the mystery of the House Vash blood feud.  Taking on the guise of foreign swashbucklers, all must brave bloody single combat, pirates, ravenous cursed lowl, and evne magical reverberations from distant Roslof Keep!  Complete the Adventures of the Emperald Serpent trilogy with this module for characters level 6-8.