Top 10 Classic TSR Module Covers from 1981-1987

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Today I’m going to compose a list of my personal favorite D&D module covers from TSR circa 1981-1987. Hopefully you all will remember these fondly as well.

#10. B3: Palace of the Silver Princess – Erol Otus

#9. U3: The Final Enemy – Dave de Leuw

#8. B4: The Lost City – Jim Holloway

#7. X1: The Isle of Dread – Jeff Dee

#6. M1: Blizzard Pass – Tim Truman

#5: T1: The Village of Hommlet – Jeff Dee

#4: I6: Ravenloft – Clyde Caldwell

#3: I3: Pharaoh – Jim Holloway

#2 S1: Tomb of Horrors – Jeff Dee

#1 D1-2: Descent into the Depths of the Earth – Jim Roslof

I’m sure there will be a good deal of debate here, but nonetheless I think this is still a strong list.

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  • XXXXX on

    Dear Webmaster, exact same listed here: Link Text

  • Scott on

    Patrick: OMG! Isn’t S4 the BOMB! I recently got to see Roslof’s AD notes on what was needed for the module, plus his roughs for the fauna. Pretty cool!

  • Patrick on

    I always loved Erol Otus’ work, so I’d vote for any of his covers, but I have no issues with any choices above, though I will admit that the original monochrome cover of B1: In Search of Adventure has always been a favorite, since it came in my original boxed set, and G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl was too since it was my first module purchase.

    Among other great covers not mentioned so far, the cover for S4: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was amazing for the, “OMG! What is this???” effect it had. Yeah, I bought it. More than once. :-p

  • Scott on

    Tony: Secret of Bone Hill had Willingham’s work, of course we all loved it!

  • Todd Lockwood on

    I like the Village of Hommlet and Pharaoh especially.

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