Top 10 Classic TSR Module Covers from 1981-1987

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Today I’m going to compose a list of my personal favorite D&D module covers from TSR circa 1981-1987. Hopefully you all will remember these fondly as well.

#10. B3: Palace of the Silver Princess – Erol Otus

#9. U3: The Final Enemy – Dave de Leuw

#8. B4: The Lost City – Jim Holloway

#7. X1: The Isle of Dread – Jeff Dee

#6. M1: Blizzard Pass – Tim Truman

#5: T1: The Village of Hommlet – Jeff Dee

#4: I6: Ravenloft – Clyde Caldwell

#3: I3: Pharaoh – Jim Holloway

#2 S1: Tomb of Horrors – Jeff Dee

#1 D1-2: Descent into the Depths of the Earth – Jim Roslof

I’m sure there will be a good deal of debate here, but nonetheless I think this is still a strong list.

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  • Tony on

    Tastes of course vary. You have some strong ones there, but I myself would have chose:

    - Dave Trampier’s Village of Hommlet Cover
    -Erol Otus’s Lost Cavern’s of Tsjoanth or Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan covers (both of em)
    - Not a DL fan, but I liked the Elmore cover with the white dragon and the boat
    - The original S1 cover had that “something”
    - Oh, and there is also the cover of Secret of Bone Hill that I remember caught my teen-aged attention :)

  • Scott on

    Rachael: Sorry, I had the banner but I included the hot link for you. As for your question, ALL backers get PDFs if they want them, both in 1E and 5E.

  • Rachael Strange on
    a hot link to your kickstarter would be GOOD! if I go for the hardccopy of the kickstarter do I get the PDF? if not then how do I get them both?
    Thank you!

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