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Ghostwalk, a campaign setting you really must have in your collection!

Brom D&D 3.0 Vinod Rams Wayne Reynolds Wizards of the Coast

I played D&D 3rd Edition [as 3rd, 3.5, and Pathfinder] for over a decade, so I’ve got a good amount of experience with the product under my belt. That said; I’ve probably got half a dozen supplements for those games that stick in my mind as ‘must haves’, one of which is the June 2003 release of Ghostwalk.Produced by Wizards of the Coast, this 223 page campaign setting was written by Monte Cook and Sean K Reynolds. As gaming goes, it is tough to get better than these two designers, so you should know right away just how fantastic this...

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Draconomicon: The Book of [awesome] Dragons

D&D 3.0 Sam Wood Todd Lockwood Vinod Rams Wizards of the Coast

In November 2003 the OGL for Wizards of the Coast’s D&D 3.0 was in full swing.  The game was a monster hit, at least among the public, and supplements for the game were coming out at a record pace.  Enter Draconomicon.  This 286 page full color hardcover gives you pretty much all the detail you could ever want on the standard version D&D dragons, as well as adding in specialized dragons, Prestige Classes [for both player AND dragons], and all types of dragon related creatures and sample lairs. Truly, a more dragon-tastic book could not be found when looking for...

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