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Stormwrack, for all you 3rd Edition folks who feel the call of the sea!

3.5 Jeremy Jarvis Stormwrack Wizards of the Coast

During my days as a 3rd Edition DM I had my share of sea adventures.  In the Nameless Realms there are two great oceans, the Halo and the Mardras, and both have had their fair share of adventures set both upon and under their waves.  To help meet those requirements, I often turned to the WotC product Stormwrack and it added a great deal of content to each adventure. Today I pulled down my volume and took a look at the artwork.  Produced in August 2005 with art direction by Karin Jaques, it certainly seems to be right in the...

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Dungeon #150: The final issue of a gaming legacy

3.5 Paizo UDON Wayne Reynolds

In September 2007 Wizards of the Coast pulled the license for both Dragon and Dungeon magazines from Paizo.  This could have been the death knell for the small company, but instead, WotC ended up creating its biggest rival in the RPG industry as Paizo refocused on the D&D 3.5 audience and created its highly successful Pathfinder brand from the ashes of its Dungeon ‘Adventure Path’ line. Still, gamers themselves might have gained a new RPG, but the end of both long-running print magazines still resonates in the market as nothing has been able to come close to taking their place....

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Magic Item Compendium: The WotC reissue is more impressive than ever

3.5 Wizards of the Coast

I am often amazed at how far the realms of gaming have come, especially when I open my original basic D&D red box and see the equipment lists.  There, you can have a sword… not a longsword, falchion, kopesh, scimitar, rapier, etc, but a sword.  Yeah, when I played, that was how we did things J Still, as anything evolves, especially an RPG, the more fluff and development, the more ‘cool’ stuff is going to get created.  This even takes place as editions of the game get built, and what better place to find everything you and your players could...

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