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Five Fingers: Port of Deceit, truely a steal for any D20 gamer looking for adventure!

Brian Snoddy Matthew D. Wilson Privateer

Little did I realize that when I purchased my copy of Five Fingers: Port of Deceit for the Iron Kingdoms setting that I’d be working for Privateer one day. It now amazes me that as I look over the credits for this particular book I know many of those involved, from the President down to the Continuity expert, but whatever the case, I take great pride in having a look at this particular book on Art of the Genre today.Created for the D20 system in 2006, this was the last supplement for that RPG line from Privateer before they went...

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Legend of the Five Rings 1st Edition: The beginning of something truly great

Aldrec Entertainment Group Brian Snoddy L5R Matthew D. Wilson

In the transition between 1996 & 1997 Alderac Entertainment Group decided to invest in creating the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. The 1995 split with company founder Jolly Blackburn over the direction the company was headed, namely the CCG market, created an opportunity to expand that was not in Blackburn’s original designs. From the CCG of Legends of the Five Rings the RPG was also born and I say the world of role-playing is much better for it.Written by John Wick who I believe is the absolute best game designer of the past two decades [and yes this includes...

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