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Bug City: True horror for the Shadowrun setting

FASA Larry MacDougall Laubenstein Rick Berry Shadowrun

There is only one time in my life when I can recall actually be scared when it came to a game supplement coming out.  I’m not sure if this was just about that particular time of my life, the fact that I was obsessed with the game in question, or that it struck some primal cord, but for whatever reason, the rise of insect spirits in Shadowrun truly freaked me out, from Queen Euphoria, to The Universal Brotherhood, and at last to Bug City. Today, I’m taking a look at the art from the latter, Bug City, which was produced...

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House Liao: FASA makes the Capellan Confederation a thing of beauty

Battletech Dietrick FASA Laubenstein

I’ve spoken on other forums about my feeling concerning the Battletech House supplements and how they might be the best historical fiction works I’ve ever read [Only the ‘Way’ books for L5R 1E could be better] Today I take a look at one of those incredible tomes of inner sphere knowledge, with House Liao and the Capellan Confederation.  When I played the game, House Liao was always my least favorite House as I was raised in the cornfields and Indiana and had almost nothing to reference China in my mind other than it seemed distant and old.  That was certainly...

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Earthdawn's Mists of Betrayal makes me feel anything but betrayed.

Biske Danforth Earthdawn FASA Laubenstein Royo

I was one of those semi-crazed FASA fans, and certainly a devoted player of Shadowrun, so when the company announced it would be taking the plunge into the fantasy market with Earthdawn, I was right there with money in hand. Now, I’ll not address the Earthdawn gaming mechanics here, as that is never what these posts are about, but instead focus on the subject at hand which is the Earthdawn Adventure: Mists of Betrayal. Art Directed by my very close friend Jeff Laubenstein back in 1993, it was also project managed by Joel Biske.  Together, these two guys really, truly,...

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