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Dark*Sun's Dragon Kings; or as all Dark*Sun products, the art of Brom and Baxa

Brom Dark*Sun Tom Baxa TSR

The 1992 release of TSR’s Dark*Sun Dragon King’s hardcover for 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons [boy is that a mouthful!] hit right in the prime of my college years. I never collected Dark*Sun back then, but I played it with my roommate Rob in a single campaign that was a good deal of fun [because I was always the DM and got to get out from behind the screens for a while].Thus, I didn’t own this supplement when it came out and had to acquire it when I set about looking for Dark*Sun on eBay in probably 2005. It was...

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Dark Sun Boxed Set: The artwork of the Anti-Greyhawk

Brom Dark Sun Tom Baxa TSR

Beginning in 1991, TSR really started to push a new wave of boxed set campaign worlds for their AD&D 2nd Edition, and one of these was Dark Sun. The brainchild of Troy Denning & Timothy B. Brown it was the anti-Greyhawk, a world of hard lines, wastelands, and finite resources.  Athas, the world that hosted the Dark Sun universe, was a dying world, a closed sphere [for all you Spelljammer folks out there] and players got to take part in a gritty setting where survival was the end result of adventuring, not treasure and magical items. I played this game...

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