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Manhunter Megaverse, what you all need to help flesh out a SF campaign!

R.K. Post Rifts

Today I’d like to discuss one of my all-time favorite science fiction RPG supplements, the Manhunter Megaverse Source Book for the Rifts setting.Produced by Myrmidon Press in December 1994, this book was under license with Palladium Books and goes completely bonkers on art and content. In fact, the book is so good it certainly outclasses the core Palladium Rifts books it is supposed to support! I have to say, I’m sad Myrmidon Press didn’t last because they do both beautifully rendered and incredibly thought provoking work, but understanding the financial side of the business, there is no way a garage...

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Taking on the art of the Juicers from Rifts

Palladium R.K. Post Rifts

In 1996 Palladium’s real bread and butter had stopped being Robotech and its fantasy RPG and turned into Rifts.  By the mid-90s the company had produced ten Rifts supplements in the line, the tenth being The Juicer Uprising and I have to say I was pretty taken with it.  Not necessarily because of the broken game mechanic that were Juicers, but the fact that the book itself was a very fine piece of artistic creation. Written by C.J Carella, the Juicer history involved in the supplement is strong, and even with the horrors that are inherent to the Palladium system...

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