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Back in 1988, when the Forgotten Realms was in its infancy on the open market, TSR produced the 96 page Lords of Darkness adventure anthology. It is set in various places around the Forgotten Realms, and has a nice intro by Ed Greenwood. All adventures focus on the dead, and the cover is a sublime Jeff Easley, who is an undead master as far as I’m concerned. Interior work is done by artist Karl Waller who provides some really slick b/w illustrations that capture the horror adventures find when dealing with the dead.Adventures included in the anthology focus on particular...

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The 3E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, certainly nothing forgettable about it!

D&D 3.0 Forgotten Realms Todd Lockwood Wizards of the Coast

Hey all, I just want to say again that over on Black my ‘Top 10 RPG Artists’ article is in a knife fight death duel like Steven Segal versus Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege with another article, so if you haven’t checked it out please help me out and do so here.Otherwise, I wanted to take a look at one of my all-time favorite gaming supplements, the 3E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting because my friend Sean K. Reynolds announced yesterday he was leaving Paizo for my home state of Indiana and thus I dedicate the review to him.Released...

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