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Back in 1988, when the Forgotten Realms was in its infancy on the open market, TSR produced the 96 page Lords of Darkness adventure anthology. It is set in various places around the Forgotten Realms, and has a nice intro by Ed Greenwood. All adventures focus on the dead, and the cover is a sublime Jeff Easley, who is an undead master as far as I’m concerned. Interior work is done by artist Karl Waller who provides some really slick b/w illustrations that capture the horror adventures find when dealing with the dead.
Adventures included in the anthology focus on particular types of undead, beginning with Skeletons, then Ghouls and Ghasts, Wights, Shadows, Mummies, Vampires, Ghosts, Spectres, and finally Liches.

Mark Timm and I [of Folio 'fame'] played a number of these adventures back in the late 1980s with our first Forgotten Realms company, and I still have fond, if not horrible, memories of them.  My take-away, it does leave you with a MUCH better sense of the nature of the undead in the FR.

Afterward there is a ‘Night Gallery’ which describes and stats particularly unique undead from the various categories, and then there is a players guide to dealing with said creatures.

In all, it is a great resource when dealing with the undead, for both players and DMs alike.

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  • Pete on

    That cover is my favorite by Easley. I love the autumn feel of the painting.

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