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I must admit I've always been intrigued by GW6 because it was a Gary Gygax written adventure I own but have never played.  I can only assume this is that case because of the level requirement, 18+, which in 1st Edition D&D is very hard to come by.  I remember speaking with E. Gary Gygax once and he indicated his archmage Tenser was only 17th level, if that puts things into perspective, so Isle of the Ape is something that kind of stays on the shelf to be looked at but not participated in.

Artistically, the cover was done by 'Jack Fred', which is the pseudonym used by either Jeff Easley or Larry Elmore when they were rushed on a project and refused to take credit for the work.  Oddly enough, I really like the cover of this module, and on top of that, I believe it looks much more like a Keith Parkinson than it does either Jeff or Larry.  However, the interior credits Jeff, so I guess I'll go with that although I do internally argue the point.

Interior illustrations are by freelance artist, and friend of Jeff & Larry's from Kentucky, Gary Williams.  Gary openly admits that although he wasn't asked to do much for TSR, what he did helped pay for the down payment on his house, which is always a good thing. 

The module itself is 48 pages with a removable cover and large folding island map.  For all intents and purpose it is like the Isle of Dread grew up as a bully.  There are massive amounts of detailed wandering monsters on this island that lies somewhere in the lonely southern jungle reaches of the Nyr Dyv coast, as well as deadly encounters with all manner of high level monsters.

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Written by Scott Taylor — June 05, 2015

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