Art of the Genre


Within the near impenetrable inner circle of the Corsair Mists, the White Ship has been called to its once proud dock by the dark sorcery of Molo of the 13 Wives.  The final conflagration is at hand as the adventurers assail the towering boarding stair, fight their way through the ship's countless enemies, and finally enter the grand worship hall of two greater sea gods, all in an attempt to thwart Molo before he can bring on an end of days.  Test the limits of a high-level adventuring group's strength against undead cyclops guardians, mad storm giants, corrupted typhoon elementals, and both Molo and his wives in this epic conclusion to The White Ship Campaign!  WS6 Duel on the White Ship is an adventure module in 1E & 5E formats for characters levels 10-12.  This is Part VI of the White Ship Campaign, and the conclusion to the entire campaign.