Art of the Genre


Just beneath the streets of the mysterious and ancient kasbah of Tiefon, a magical dungeon has appeared.  Now the city proper is scrambling to create inroads with the secretive and reclusive Kasbah Council by sending in banner companies to defeat the dungeon and remove the threat.  The House of Eld, one of six great houses of Tiefon, has south the services of the Ivory Scimitar, famed banner company of Roslof Keep, to help in the endeavor.  Travelling west, the Ivory Scimitar will face a new callenge as a shard of the infamous Infernal Machine has taken root and is already preparted for their coming.  Having summoned the martial Orc Legion from beyond the Nameless Realms, as well as Shadow Ogres, the dark serants of the intellect beyond the Veil, the dungeon now looks lto bolster its defense.  CRK1, The Kasbah Dungeon, is a high level adventure for 1E & 5E formats for characters levels 10-12.