Art of the Genre


Adventure awaits both AD&D & 5E D&D players looking to take on the challenges of a Steampunk style setting!  Using Gary Gygax's notes from the original AD&D DMG under 'Sixguns & Sorcery' and incorperating them into the setting, this introductory gazetteer and adventure will give players the opportunity to use the Nameless Realms (Roslof Keep & Taux) as the backdrop in a later age, The Gun Kingdoms.  Secure a ship, find a crew, and take on the xenophobic and apocalypic setting as you try to deliver a spy back to the government she stole from.  Will your players become part of the 'greater good' of the new world government, or will they become its opposition, striving to help the dying race of the Enlightened?  Only time will tell.  This adventure is for introductory characters levels 1-3