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Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire #1, Howl of the Carrion King is a fine product in today's marketplace

Paizo Pathfinder

I have to say, I always love me some Pathfinder.  I certainly don’t play it as much as I once did, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t respect the work the company does or the quality of the product [which is why I still subscribe to the Adventure Paths because they are just too filled with crunchy goodness to pass up!] Today I’m going to have a look at Adventure Path #4, Legacy of Fire. Written by Erik Mona, with new fiction by the lovely and talented Elaine Cunningham, this book takes us into the deserts where we can...

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Into the Darklands: Another artistic look at the 'Underdark'

Paizo Wayne Reynolds

On occasion, and primarily during the five times I’ve either run or played Against the Giants, I’ve traveled to the Underdark.  It isn’t that I abhor the idea of adventuring there, but instead it often seems too foreign and dangerous to set a functional campaign in such a place. For that reason, I’m often drawn to gaming supplements that feature realms that reflect Greyhawk’s famed Underdark, both for the chance that they can shed new light on the possibilities of the setting and also for the art involved for inspiration. Thus, it was with great pleasure the I got a...

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