Arrgh Again! The art of the 7th Sea Player's Guide Part Two

7th Sea AEG Cristina McAlister Ramon Perez

There isn't much more to talk about on this other than to say once again how incredible the mass of art is in this book!  I hope you enjoy as I keep digging through the volume.  Again, just incredible work by Terese Neilson, Cristina McAllister, and Ramon Perez.

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Part Three: My visual journey through the looking glass of the Basic D&D Red Box

Easley Elmore Jeff Easley Larry Elmore Red Box TSR

You know what amazes me? That I can only be halfway through the Players Manual when I’m already on Part Three of the Red Box art series! Seriously, how many pieces of art are in this baby? No, I’m not going to count, but when all is said and done it is a boatload.So, when we last left off, I was talking about characters, the first of which was the Cleric, and in this section the art details basically all of the Human class characters for Basic D&D.I well remember enjoying these a great deal when I attempted to play...

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A look as FASA's Bottle Demon for Shadowrun 1st Edition

FASA Joel Biske Shadowrun Tim Bradstreet

On this fine Monday I’m going to take a look at FASA’s Shadowrun Adventure, Bottled Demon. Produced for Shadowrun 1st Edition in 1990, this module was written by James D. Long and art directed by Dana Knutson. I was always taken with the cover by artist John Zeleznik. To me, it looked much like the woman was the demon, but after many years with the image I would now determine her to be some kind of African-Indian shaman who has unleashed the power of a nefarious idol. The texturing of the image, and the nakedness covered only by the turn...

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The art of Paizo's Adventure Path #31, Kingmaker, Stolen Land

Adventure Path Paizo Pathfinder

Today I’m going to have a look at Pathfinder Adventure Path #31: Kingmaker, Stolen Land by Tim Hitchcock.Now we all know Paizo puts out a quality product, and considering that their Adventure Paths helped launch their brand, they never spare any expense in bringing these outstanding supplements to their fans.This particular piece is the first part of the six part Kingmaker Path, and it takes a distinct divergence in artistic style from what you’d normally see coming out of the Paizo studio. I’m not really sure why this is, especially since Paizo seems so dedicated to making everything homogenous [I...

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Arrgh! The art of 7th Sea is some of the finest you'll ever see!

7th Sea AEG Cristina McAlister John Wick Ramon Perez

Today I want to take a look at the AEG 7th Sea Player’s Guide. Before I begin I want to put out a disclaimer, if John Wick and Ree Soesbee have ANYTHING to do with a game it is going to be stellar. So, if you translate that it means that 7th Sea is stellar, obviously, but the sad fact is that as cool as pirates are, nobody really likes to play RPGs based around them [or do Legos based on them it seems according to industry sales figures].Anyway, I got down my [never played] copy of the 7th Sea...

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