M1: Blizzard Pass was a solo adventure I could never finish

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I’m not really sure when I got M1 Blizzard Pass, but I’m going to say it was on a shelf at the local Kmart in about 1984. At the time, I had the Red Box, very little ability to understand what it was trying to tell me, and no gaming friends. Thus, the appeal of a solo adventure seemed perfectly reasonable.

However, like most Choose Your Own Adventures I tried over the years, Blizzard Pass wasn’t for me, especially considering I HATED playing thieves at the time which was the class required to run it solo.

That said, I’m still captivated by the art for this TSR classic. Written by David Cook and released in 1983, gamers got to see the work of Timothy Truman for perhaps the first time on this beautiful cover and I think his ice goblin raiders are some of my favorites from any system, genre, or company.

Inside, Harry Quinn and Jim Holloway go uncredited, but their work is wonderful, and there is a lot of it. I can only assume it is because, like the Endless Quest books of the time, solo projects for players tended to have more art than a standard module.

This module also featured the ‘Invisible Ink’ pen, that I’ve lost over the years and now my pages are so old they won’t even work with a highlighter, thus the module is also lost to me. Still, I enjoy knowing I have it, and that I can look at the artwork, which with my schedule is usually all I’m able to do anyway.

Artistic Rating: 3.5 [out of 5]

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  • Scott on

    Wow, thanks Phil!

  • Phil Ward on

    I have definitely seen a site or two where the invisible text was filled in for you…

    Wow, it’s on Angelfire! flashback

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