Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is one pretty RPG...

Fantasy Flight Star Wars

I made a character in a Star Wars RPG once, way back in the late 1980s, but I’ve never actually played any version of the game. Still, having been raised on Star Wars during the 1970s, it’s easy to say that I’ve got a certain love affair with it.

This always gets further enforced when I see great Star Wars art, and so I was sure to be roped into Fantasy Flight’s RPG release of Star Wars Edge of the Empire because of that fact. I finally broke down and bought a copy of the core book for my birthday this year and have had a good time leafing through the rather massive tome over the intervening months. It truly is a heck of a thing, even if I’ve no idea how to play it, and probably a 3% chance of ever learning to.

Now, that isn’t a knock on the game, it’s just that I’ve no time or players to do so. I’ve a friend who runs a game shop in southern Illinois and asked him if anyone in his shop ever played the game. His reply, ‘No, but there are guys who come in and buy books for it, although they never say why.’ So, it seems I may not be the only one with this kind of strange relationship. You know, the collectors out there who simply can’t resist having this beautiful game on a shelf even if it is only for eye candy.

Perhaps another friend, Ray Brewer, plays it, and I suppose I should ask him, but I’ve never gone to the effort to do so since he is many States away and would just depress me if he actually did.

Whatever the case, Fantasy Flight, and by proxy Art Director Zoe Robinson, have done such an outstanding job putting this game together I’m almost brought to tears.

With a cover by Scott Schomburg, and style reflective art by more artists than I can easily name, the book absolutely sings of pure Star Wars nostalgia. I was in love at first sight, and there isn’t a piece of art in it that I wouldn’t give high marks to.

Artistic Rating: 4 [out of 5]

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  • Scott on

    Mac: There has been some strong debate on both sides of the fence today on various forums concerning this product, and the more I read, the more I do want to give it a try at least once. Would be great to do it with an experienced group, kind of take me by the hand and lead me through the first entrance into the game.

  • Mac Shell on

    I have never read thru the book completely and may never read half of it. That being said, take the core idea and run with it. The dice mechanic alone builds on the action. I played a very loose-to-the-rules game night and it was Amazing ! ! Give it a try and see what happens. Good Luck, and May the …….you get the idea.

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