Dragon #91: How they did everything right, and then some!

Dean Morrissey Dragon Magazine Jeff Butler Roger Raupp

In November 1984, Dragon Magazine #91 hit the shelves. To me, it never really seemed to jump out, probably because Dean Morrissey never really captured my attention like many of his contemporaries, probably because my mind is geared toward fantasy looking more unreal.

Looking back on the issue now, I find that incredibly sad as Issue #91 is a masterpiece. It is absolutely filled with incredible content from Gygax showing us a new demon [the goristro], to Ed Greenwood’s ‘Nine Hells revisited’, which is an astounding look at devils and where they live.

Ares gives us an incredible Star Frontiers Knight Hawks adventure as well as new Gamma World gear, while there is also a massive section on new magic items for D&D. Couple that with an article on spies for Top Secret and original fiction by Lawrence Watt-Evans and I really couldn’t be happier.

The artwork here is also top notch, with Morrissey’s cover being one of his that I do enjoy more than his realism pieces with human characters. The concept is inspiring, as is his use of motion and the color palette that utilizes white to a perfect degree.

TSR alum Jeff Butler does some great work on the Star Frontiers adventure, and Roger Raupp shows us his talents by making magic items worth going into a dragon’s lair for.

In all, I give Issue #91 two thumbs up, and encourage players and DMs alike to have a look if they can as you won’t be disappointed. 


Artistic Rating: 4.5  [out of 5]

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  • Jonatas on

    I understand the ftustrarion on the part of non-North American gamers. But this is still unambiguously good news in my opinion. And as NewbieDM said, perhaps this is just a first step, and if it goes well we’ll see a wider release.

  • Scott on

    Bill, I agree with that. The content in this issue is stupendous, and yes, Gygax’s goristro is a crazy piece because you are correct, we never even got a picture! You know, this makes me wonder what it would be like to got through each issue of Dragon and find creatures, items, and places that didn’t get and illustration and then go back and illustrate them. If WotC would allow it, that would be a really fun KS campaign to run.

  • Bill Coffin on

    I remember this issue fondly. It was the first one I read as a magazine; typically, I went through Dragon as a kind of sourcebook, hunting for information that I wanted specifically for my campaign. Everything else kind of hit the wayside. But this was one of two issues I had in my backpack during a long flight, and I just read the whole thing, and that was when I realized just how much killer content was in it. The column on the goristro especially knocked me out…not just because it was a terrific monster, but that i was just kind of shoehorned into the issue. No big feature treatment, not even an ilustration. To me, it felt like, “We have so much content, we can’t even put this one on a pedestal for you. Here you go. Plenty more where that came from.”

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