Jeff Easley

Last summer I had my AotG designer do a mock-up for the Jeff Easley art book that Jeff and I had been working on since roughly 2009.  What do you all think about it, especially considering that Jeff has never, ever, had an art book created around all his incredible art?  Would you lend support to a Kickstarter?  We need to hear from you if something like this was to happen.

Remember, AotG is also in the middle of a classic OSR/5E module Kickstarter and are only a few hundred dollars from our goal!  You can check the banner to the right for other great old school art in the tradition of 1980s TSR.

*Above images are the property of Wizards of the Coast LLC

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  • Geert on

    I am still searching every once in a while to see if there is an art book of Jeff Easley available. Jeff, if you are ready this somehow: please make it happen! The lack of any consolidated art book is such a shame and having one would make many people in the world happy!

  • LD on

    Has there been any progress on this? I’m still shocked there isn’t a Jeff Easley art book out there yet?

  • Franz Brehme on

    I would love to have an art book from you, Mr.!

  • Unkle dave on

    Yesssss! I need it

  • Marco Riva on

    I want three copies! No, wait, make it five! Anything but TAKE MY GODDAMN GOLD PIECES!

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