Battletech Earthdawn Jeff Laubenstein MTG Shadowrun

I make no bones about artist Jeff Laubenstein being my favorite fantasy artist of all time.  Maybe that makes me odd, or maybe it makes me a genius, but whatever the case, there is no argument with the fact that Jeff has been doing RPG work for thirty years, and his contributions to non-D&D are astounding.  Today, I look at just random pieces of his that have always brought me joy.

The 'Ladies Laubenstein', certainly a subject matter of his that has always kept my interest

A nice trio of characters, and he certainly has a way with creating distinct personalities.

And the hits just keep on coming, and yes, I posted Postrish twice, but she deserves it

Laubenstein troll FTW!

This shot even has a heart under the sig, how appropriate!

Want him to do the entire Grey Death Legion?  Not a problem!

Color you say?  Yes, he does that too!

Jeff's watercolor is one with the universe

Eastern Bravos from the Folio #1 cover? Check!

MTG you ask?  Why yes, how about a little 'Show & Tell'

I saw this one in person, this shot does not do it justice

He really has a way with characters...

And oddity is something he loves, just check out the hearts!

And what isn't to love about Chantrell's Horror?

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