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I'll be the first to admit I have a very strong nostalgia for Iron Crown Enterprises Middle-Earth Role Playing.  My collection of this now venerable game is extensive, and although I've not actually played it since the mid-80s, I still take random supplements down monthly just to peruse the pages and marvel at the artwork.  In this continuing series for the AotG blog, I'm going to post up a supplement and talk a bit about the art from it.  Today's choice, Dagorlad and the Dead Marches.    With a stunning cover by artist Gail B McIntosh, this 36 page adventure module takes a cast of characters through the dark lands of Dagorlad just north of Udun and the Mordor gates of Cirith Gorgor.  Interior art is all black and white and done by artist Rick DeMarco, my favorite piece coming on page 28 with his rendition of the Black Numenorean mistress of the fortress of Thuringwathost, Miruimor.

Speaking of the Fortress of Thuringwarthost, the map of this place is very well done, and features two nice levels for adventuring, and all maps in this module were done by Pete “Czar’ Fenlon who can really put a castle together. 

In all, this is a rich work, filled with interesting enemies on the outskirts of lands more commonly known to the readers of Tolkien’s world.  I've been there once, enjoyed it, and would love to go back again some day! 

Artistic Rating: 3.5 [out of 5]

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  • Chris Tozer on

    Hi Scott

    Good review and yep this is one of my favorite modules too. A couple of years back I ran the Tol Marbor section in a campaign that I was running and it worked really well as a setting.

    Always nice to see the comments of a fellow MERP fan!

    Have a great day.

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