CAS1: Cairn of the Skeleton King, an OSR legendary treasure!

Jim Holloway OD&D Pied Piper Publishing

Today I’m taking a look at the 2006 Pied Piper Publishing OD&D module CAS1: Cairn of the Skeleton King

Now you all know that I love me some OSR goodness, and having Robert J. Kuntz putting out anything dealing with adventures that reflect the crunchy goodness of the early 1980s is too good to be true.  CAS1 truly delivers on all fronts, and as a perfect module for middling characters [4-7] it is high up on my list of great things in the genre.

The module contains two challenging scenarios that deal with a rising threat of the undead, and each one is well thought out and produced.

Artistically, all the flavor of a classic TSR module can be had here, with exceptional art by Jim Holloway on cover, back cover, and full b/w interior illustrations.  Holloway does an incredible job of capturing his penchant for adventurers on display, and I’m absolutely in love with his cover.  The flaking rust on the blade of the Skeleton King is just stupendous, and reflects the nostalgia of Conan when he finds his Atlantein blade in the first movie.

In all, this one is going to get high marks from me, and I suggest that you get it, assuming you can find a copy of this limited edition run anywhere.

Artistic Rating: 3.5 [out of 5]

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  • Cintia on

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  • Scott on

    Deogolf: Awesome, the cover of Tower of Blood is fantastic, so you really got a great one there!

  • Deogolf on

    This was a great project to be involved with. Jim did an outstanding job with the all artwork. I was trying to get the artwork, but missed out. I was able to purchase the Tower of Blood cover art though!

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